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HSG Test | All You Need to Know

Hysterosalpingography or HSG for short, is a test that allows medical professionals to see the inner workings of the reproductive system and mainly the uterus and fallopian tubes. Most people who are referred for one have either unsuccessfully been trying to fall pregnant and haven't or it's done as apart of a normal fertility workup. 

In our case, it was due to us not conceiving after our ectopic. They didn't presume anything was wrong however it was apart of the normal investigative process. Prior to booking my appointment, the consultant had us try Clomid which also was unsuccessful but we were positive because at least something was being done, even though the NHS itself had failed us so many times. 

In the lead up I read up on the process just so I had an understanding of what was happening as well as being able to gauge myself what they were seeing on the screen, naturally, I've become very distrusting of the NHS so I viewed it as the more knowledge I could gain prior, I would be more relaxed during. 

Off-the-bat I was aware that the NHS (in many cases) will tell you everything will be OK and that it won't hurt, or it's nothing more than a smear type of sensation. But, so many real-life cases told me otherwise. 

Speaking to people online over 95% of them stated it hurt a lot and in some cases, it hurt so badly that they had to stop so the HSG was never completed. On occasion a few mentioned ''they would never go through it again'' and for someone who is trying-to-conceive to say that, you have to realise that it must be more than a little painful. Most TTC will literally put their minds and bodies through anything in order to get that positive test and ultimately a baby in their arms. 

So what does the test entail? 

In my situation, I was on around day three of my periods but my blood doesn't flow all that well (not since my ectopic). I had asked prior if I would need to cancel and she said it was OK to come in. I went in and was made to sign waivers and various forms. Much like if you were having an operation. I was asked there and then ''are you allergic to iodine'' and my response was ''I'm not sure, I was always OK in science'' but let's be real here, no-one was enveloping themselves in that iodine so how was I really to know? 

I was asked if I had brought a urine sample, I hadn't as no-one advised I would need to. All I was told prior was that I must make sure I 100% was not pregnant and the recommendations were to not have sex from the point of your period to the HSG test itself. I was made to give a sample and not surprisingly it was negative. That would have absolutely been an Alanis Morrisette situation right there after a year or not getting pregnant, to have got a BFP on the morning of HSG, right? Keeping it real, I was slightly disappointed. 

They get you up on the bed, legs in stirrups, you know how it goes. In front of me was the actual screen so I knew I would be able to see my actual results in real-time, I'm not sure if this helped or made the anxiety set-in. There were three people in the room, the fertility nurse who was doing my test, the assistant nurse who was well, assisting, she was super fun, such a lovely lady and, my fertility consultant who literally gives me anxiety at the way he poorly manages fertility cases like ours.  

They let me know what was about to happen. The first was the speculum. I've never had problems with those, this ached a little (I've since found out that's my issue and not the HSG, I had a smear and it ached then also). They then advise that they will enter the catheter, and this is where I *was* worried. But nope, I felt nothing, I was actually worried they hadn't done it because I felt absolutely nothing. Then the fertility nurse advised they were infusing the iodine. I saw the uterus fill up slightly like a half-filled glass of wine, and then nothing. 

Panic set in quietly. 

The consultant advised her she hadn't used enough iodine and to re-do it. She tried another few times and it only increased to a full glass of wine type of image. 

He then decided to try again, naturally, I was trying to look calm, but the reality was I was panicked after the first incident of there not being enough iodine. The consultant himself tried and the same thing, the iodine was just retrograding back. So all-in-all they tried about four, five or six times. I honestly lost count. 

I had zero pain. I did wonder if it's because I was aching and had cramps from my menstrual cycle though but glad I didn't have the pain that was recorded from many others. 

While it seems positive. My consultant naturally is pretty blunt, inconsiderate sometimes and not very investigative. He noted I had a cervical erosion, asked if I'd had a smear - I hadn't. Then he stated that I must get one to check the erosion is an erosion and not the start of cervical cancer - cue the panic. Especially since I do get pain in my cervix and bleed a lot. He stated after the smear we would look at treatment for my cervix. 

I asked if there was a plan for my results and if anything could be done and he looked down and shrugged his shoulders and said I don't know. 

We made a follow-up, now me and hairy boy were well aware there were many things that they could do, quite easily for blocked tubes (we only have one tube). A few things include: 

 Vitamins and Supplements - Jury is out on these but you will find so many positive results from the use of antioxidants, serrapeptase, raspberry leaf and other hers. I will cover this in a separate post. 
 Fallopian Tube Flushing - Basically another HSG where they attempt to unblock using a water flush. 
 Fallopian tube cannulation - This is where they go into the tube using a thin wire in the hope of blocking it. It is usually done under day surgery and general anaesthetic, the success rate for 70% of people is around 20%. 

Smear booked and return appointment booked we went in only for ''our'' consultant to not be there. There was a completely new consultant who stated they wouldn't do anything other than referring us for IVF, but we would have to pay because were not eligible for it on the NHS. I may have stated that was unfair given that we meet all of the requirements barr one and, that if the NHS hadn't have buggered up last year, I'd still have my tube. He understood but said that IVF process is ''far easier'' than unblocking the tube and that he doesn't feel anyone in Scotland knew how to do that. 

I was frustrated. Especially since a few more investigative tests and/or HSG's were easy for them and far less costly than IVF. 

What I've since learned is that: 

Prior to an HSG you should be allergy tested at least 24 hours to check for iodine sensitivities. 
  You should not get an HSG done during your cycle. Mid-cycle increased the chances of false results as the uterus can contract closing off your tubes and giving a result showing a blockage. 
  You may not always feel pain. I believe that more pain is felt if the iodine reaches your tubes. Prepare in advance by taking a painkiller before you go in for your test. 
 You absolutely can get side-effects. Those include typically miscarriage or loss if you are pregnant prior to testing, bleeding (but this shouldn't be huge amounts), pain and cramping for a day but may be up to three or four days (I had mild cramps for around three days) and to boot, ended up with a cervix infection that required two-weeks of antibiotics. A cervix or uterus infection can cause kidney infections and if you're someone like me who is prone to kidney stones, the cramping may cause you more pain where your stones are located. 
 Even though some people have results that show a blockage, many are still able to fall pregnant. Even if they have only one tube. It's rarer of course but it does happen. 

I hope to cover more on this topic so if you have a different experience or have any questions please feel free to comment below, email me or Tweet me. This way I can ensure all of 'your' real-life questions and tips are covered. 

Elyse & Connor

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One Year On | Surviving Ectopic Pregnancy

February marks the one year since our ectopic pregnancy loss. I never discussed it much at the time over on the blog because it was one of the most challenging situations we’ve both had to face as both physically and emotionally but I did cover a lot of our 'TTC' journey on Sweet Elyse Blog. It still is but one year one we won’t ever forget what happened and what we lost but we are in a stronger place for it.

See things like this can either break someone or make them stronger, for us it made us so much stronger. We’ve had a lot of heartache during our relationship between losses and surgeries and outside situations but we lean on each other and become bonded even more so. That’s a comfort in itself as it speaks volumes for our relationship but I do wish we hadn’t had to go through quite so much in such a short space of time.

So one year on I finally decided to discuss the ectopic pregnancy, loss and how it actually feels from a very real point of view as there’s so much that a medical journal or textbook just doesn’t explain or cover.

In 2016, I had an infection in my ureter that was somewhat ignored by the NHS and pawned my case off as cystitis, they felt I was ‘’too young’’ for kidney stones. However, fast forward three weeks later and my second trip to the emergency room and I was admitted. The next day I went into a 15-minute surgery only to come out hours later, why? Well, my ureter was infected so badly, and my bladder and kidney, sepsis had started to set in and they couldn’t remove the stone so a shunt was placed in to attempt to drain the infection. This resulted in three surgeries in three or so months and the pain, unbearable. They say kidney stones are one of the most painful conditions. I can guarantee you that it absolutely is, more so than childbirth in my opinion. The thing is you can literally feel your kidney (in my case at least) extending out of your back. You cannot escape the pain.

Well, ectopic is akin to that pain.

I suppose if you take anything of a large size and house it in a tube that’s teeny and expected to function in the human body, you will get the same result. It’s so very common for midwives, doctors and nurses to hear it feels like a kidney stone in my vagina’ because the reality is, it absolutely does.

For me, I knew something was wrong early on. I typically get aches and growing pains anyway quite early on, around the six-week mark in the evening I would get this extreme sharp pain that sat to the right of my public line, much too high for pregnancy at six weeks and slightly off to the centre, but thinking or at least, hoping it was ligaments I would try to relax and hope it went away. The next night the same would happen. At one point I couldn’t move at all due to the pain, I was ready to ask hairy boy to call the ambulance (and that’s not me, I hate hospitals) but eventually it went away. I started lying on my left-hand side each evening when I got in from work, with a pillow under my knees to attempt to take the pressure off my right-hand side. That worked to a certain degree.

At the same time, I was noticing brown spotting, nothing major, it hadn’t turned fresh or red so I wasn’t all that worried as I knew it would either result in miscarriage or it wouldn’t and at that point, we were still pregnant with none of the tell-tale signs of a miscarriage coming.

When we went for our early scan. I mentioned I’d had some pain on the right side, but was dismissed. The ultrasound technician had read our file and knew of our losses and when she put Wanda in, and so no viable pregnancy in my uterus she pulled Wanda out and said ‘sorry’ she never checked any of the surrounding areas. I mentioned this to the nurse, highlighting that I’d had pain on my right-hand side but again I was dismissed and presumed that history was repeating itself. They took a blood test to check if my HCG had dropped (as it does with miscarriage) and advised they would call me later to advise.

I was furious. I knew this was different. I had stated so many times to hairy boy and a friend I worried it was ectopic given the pain and placement, of course, they thought I was just over worrying.

The hospital called later to advise my HCG had increased. And, that I was to return for a repeat HCG to check if it had dropped in two days. I attended and waited for the call, at this point the pain I was feeling had increased. But no-one wanted to listen. Again the HCG increased but hadn’t doubled. They were slightly miffed as normally in a miscarriage HCG will drop dramatically signalling that a loss is on its way.

They scheduled a further blood test and advised they would call me again. Again the same thing happened. The nurse at the time called to say they would call me to get me in on Sunday for Methotrexate. I mentioned ectopic and she shouted at me that it wasn’t ectopic. However, they were still asking me to get methotrexate. I waited for the call and it never came. Calling back urgently I was told I was booked for the Monday clinic and someone would call me.

During this point, my ectopic symptoms had increased. I could no longer stand or be upright, I knew I had to stay as flat as possible as most movements caused huge amounts of pain, somewhat like labour. The pain never went away, the right-hand side pain was intense and no pain killers were touching it. I was still spotting brown blood and I had intense pain and pressure in my backside, like labour I suppose but all in the back and bum.

Eventually, Saturday came and without being disgusting, my backside exploded – not in the way you would think (eww) this was pure red, fresh blood in HUGE quantities. Apparently, this also is common, to find the toilet covered in blood. It’s so scary, especially because there’s so much and from an area that is unrelating to anything.

Eventually, after the hospital forgot to book me into the clinic, and me explaining that if I wasn’t seen that day I literally felt like I could die (the pain was that intense) they realised the situation was much more urgent than they originally thought. They advised I would have to come in for a scan as they cannot give Methotrexate if you are bleeding internally. So they would need to check first.

Monday came. We went into the ultrasound and I explained again where the pain was, the technician had a look and there he was, wriggling around, alive, but in my right tube. In the exact spot, I had the pain just to the right of my public region. I burst into tears, seeing him alive broke me. Especially as I was bleeding heavily into my cavities and I had become a life or death case, they were scared I’d move and pass out. The hardest part was knowing he would die so they could save me was tormenting, sure rationally I knew that he wouldn’t survive in the tube especially as it had ruptured but he was nearly eleven weeks old. ELEVEN WEEKS! That’s crazy. We had never reached that far in any of our pregnancies, but here we were with Jacob wriggling around in my tube quite happily.

Losing a tube and a baby hit me hard. Seeing hairy boy so grief-stricken for the loss of his baby, the worry that he’d lose me and the worry about what our future would become hit him hard also. I spent my days crying and worrying about him and, feeling like less of a woman. Not only had I lost my baby, but I’d also lost a body part and was left with the daily reminder of the loss through my scars which you can’t hide from.

Losing a body part, especially one so linked to the female reproductive system hit me hard. I know it’s irrational but I felt like less of a woman, not only had I had so many miscarriages and loss through pregnancy but I now had the loss of one-half of my tubes. One half of what would give us the chance of having a baby again. I felt wholly defunct. Over time I picked myself up with the help from hairy boy, it took a long time to feel anything other than broken and still now it hurts in every way. It hurts hairy boy also who really feels the loss of his baby and with the anniversary coming up, it’s hard to escape the hurt we felt then and feel now.

But generally each day we are positive, happy and so in love. I don’t think I would have coped quite so well if I had been with anyone else and likewise I think hairy boy would have been even more broken if I wasn’t aware that he had equal amounts of grief and pain. We support each other daily and hopefully, this post can support anyone else going through the same issues and grief. If you need to talk please email me, I am ALWAYS here for you.

Symptoms can vary from person to person however the ones I felt were:

HCG rising but not doubling every 48 hours.
 Niggling pain 4 weeks to 6 weeks on one side above the public bone region.
 Intense pains from 6 weeks+ on the same side.
 Pain that takes your breath away on one side.
 Brown spotting – 6 weeks + (no pain or cramping)
 Shoulder tip pain, like when you have trapped wind.
 Intense pain in my lower back and in my tailbone and bottom region
 A huge amount of fresh red blood loss from the anus.
 Ultrasound showing no viable pregnancy in the uterus.
 Intense pains when upright. I had to remain flat and lying down near the end.
 Feeling light-headed, dizzy, nauseous (blood loss into cavities)
 Feeling like I could ‘die’ I never get that feeling but you feel it during this
 Feeling like you have a kidney stone in your vagina.
 Pain when going to the bathroom (for either reason)

If you feel that your pregnancy could be ectopic or something doesn’t feel right, please, please, please go and get it checked out. You do not want to reach the point of losing your life, having salpingectomy or worse. If caught early Methotrexate is an option which although still hard, it’s better than surgery and losing body parts. 

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Survey Challenge | #2 Update

Happy 2020! 

I started the survey challenge on the 13th of December vowing to give it my all. I've been cashing out where possible from the below sites and adding to a separate Amazon account hoping to build these up for Christmas 2020 (mental I know). 

Start Date: 13th December 2019

 MOBROG | current £1.80 - you can cash out at £4 via Paypal. 

Very limited surveys but they do hit your inbox but time out if you don't complete them within a few days. The surveys are boring, or what I have found at least. 

 Inbox Pounds | current £3.57 - you can cash out at £20. 

You have the option of completing surveys which are absolutely plentiful as well as clicking the inbox pound emails. Even if you do no surveys one day you can still gain around 1p per email click so it's not too bad, it all counts. I do recommend this site. 

 Toluna Influencers | Current: 37,285 - you need 107,000 for a £20 Amazon voucher. 

I hate this site. Some surveys promise 12,300 points, some more, some less but what I've found is that you start the surveys, get to the last question (because they will literally state ''finally, what is your mood when watching this video'' for example, you'll complete it and it will chuck you out as 'not fitting the profile' what damned profile Toluna, this is a simple click a face question! This has happened for most of the surveys, I'm so frustrated. You also get some points for answering questions and polls on the site. 

 SwagBucks | I have cashed out 2 x £5 Amazon vouchers (700SB each). I currently still have 75SB. 

I like this site as you have a multitude of ways to earn 'SB' although I am personally having issues with my off-site purchases tracking and earning me SB even though I activate via the Chrome extension. I've now decided to not do that as I'm missing out on Quidco cashback by opting for Swagbucks. You can do polls, surveys, shop, watch videos and enter the codes into the Chrome extension each day to earn additional SB. 

 Opinion Hive | current 570 points - 5000 needed to cashout 

Surveys are limited but I've yet to be timed out of them. The surveys themselves are quick, easy to do and don't cause stress. I'll keep sticking with this one. 

 Yuno Surveys | current 144 points - 500 points needed for £5 Amazon voucher. 

Meh, this is OK. Cashout is low but the surveys can be tedious from time to time. Typically surveys are awarded points in 40's (so 40, 80 or 120 as an example). I've never completed any of the larger 120 points as I get timed out but that may not be the case for everyone. 

 Pinecone Research | current 0 points - 900 points needed for £5 Amazon voucher. 

Each survey that you complete awards you with 300 points. I've yet to be timed out and the surveys are generally interesting and enjoyable to complete. I've cashed out twice since starting with Pinecone. Fully recommend joining. 

 Prolific | current £0.45 - You can cash out at £5 via Paypal.

These are surveys for actual studies, you need to reserve your place and if it's a survey that comes in with multiple parts, you need to remind yourself to go back to complete the second part. 

 Market Agent | current 140 points - This equates to around £1.20 via Paypal. 

Surveys are few and far between and award around 20 points and you get 100 points for joining and completing the new start surveys. You can cash out pretty much as soon as you make around 100 points. It's worth keeping hold of this one as you don't get timed out nearly as much as many of the competitors. 

 Green Panthera | current $5.47 - You can cash out via Paypal. 

Honestly, I get timed out so much. Points don't register until 24 hours later and the surveys can be long and boring. However, there are loads sent daily so if you're a glutton for punishment this could definitely be a positive survey site. The payout is low and via Paypal so even a small balance is worth doing. 

 Quidco | current £0 - you can opt for vouchers or payment via BACS or Paypal. 

Cashback site, that in all honesty, I use but I'm having issues where none of my purchases track. This happened on Swagbucks also. 

 Savvy Connect | I have installed this. I believe they send you £5 every month that you keep it active on your computers/phones etc. 

Overall it's definitely been a benefit doing these, it takes time for sure and there are some I absolutely hate (Toluna) however, I'll keep at it for one more month and relay back. Then I'll look into trying another set and seeing which is preferred. 

I opened a new Amazon so I could save my vouchers for Christmas without fear of using them. The balance in December started at £0, the balance now is ''only'' what I've cashed out from the sites above. Total Amazon vouchers for the first month: £92

Are there any survey sites that you love or hate? 

Pinterest suitable - feel free to use as a bookmark

Elyse & Connor

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Survey Sites | Which Ones Are Worth It?

Doing surveys sucks, it really does, I won't even lie about it and tell you it's a quick way to make an extra pound because it's absolutely not. 

Doing surveys is good if you stick at it and monitor your points/credits etc because so many people start doing it, then get fed-up and either ignore the emails or just forget about the account leaving the company to benefit as you've put in the ''free'' work and never cashed out. 

There are a bazillion bloggers out there who have promoted ways to make money at home, and, to sign up here there and everywhere. Well, that won't be me. There is nothing worse than signing up for a survey site and finding it slow or the cashout balance is unachievable. or you start a survey, get halfway through and get chucked out because 'you don't fit the profile' yeah, ok then survey site people!! 

Anyway, that's why I decided to start this challenge. To weed out the genuine versus the unachievable so that you also know which you should at least try out. After all, we're all just struggling to try to make ends meet. This might help in the long run (or maybe I'm being too optimistic). 

Start Date: 13th December 2019

 Inbox Pounds 
 Toluna Influencers 
 Opinion Hive 
 Yuno Surveys 
 Pinecone Research 
 Market Agent 
 Green Panthera 

 Quidco | Not a survey site but I'll be using this where possible for our normal online. shopping

 Savvy Connect | I have installed this. I believe they send you £5 every month that you keep it active on your computers/phones etc. 

So, I plan to tackle the above accounts. I promise that every single email they send me I will attempt to complete and in four weeks' time will report back on how much I have actually made, any pitfalls and issues I've had so that you can see what's genuinely worth wasting your precious time on. 

Pinterest suitable - to bookmark

I have to say I'm absolutely not looking forward to it, but I also don't want to feel the same level of stress this time next year, as I do right now. Not with the vote results also *groan* however, I will take one for the team and just get on with it. 

Elyse & Connor

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Sustainabilty and Me

I am not going to lie, I blooming love shopping as much as the next person but you would have to be completely cut off from the world before you realise the impact that our consumerist habits have on the world. So this year I am going to do something different. My Christmas gift is not just going to be to my loved one but also to the planet. 

Scrapping the Gift Wrap

I have been really inspired by campaigns such as Cut The Wrap, which is encouraging people to ditch the wrapping and look for alternatives. 

This makes so much sense when you consider that this year alone us Brits will use (and most likely not recycle) over 72,312,300 roll of wrapping paper...that is a lot of forests being cut down for just one use on one day - well not me!

Using items such as old gift bags we previously been given or using old scarves and items of clothing can be just as beautiful when wrapping a well thought out gift under the tree.

Unwrapping Refurbished 

Let’s be honest, do I really need to fork out for tech which is brand new when I can just buy something refurbished which is completely tested to make sure it works just as well? Apple sell refurbished products which when I think about it, says everything I need to know. Especially when they release a phone every year - how much progress can be made in 12 Months? 

I’ve also been inspired by campaigns such as giffgaff’s take the pledge which is encouraging people to choose to purchase refurbish this black Friday and for the rest of the year...don’t mind if I do. If you want to take it further why investigate sustainable fashion on sites and purchase second hand on sites just as eBay and the more high end vestiaire collective or rebelle

Zero Waste 

Companies such as Zero waste goods are hosting markets across the UK that feature ethical options for this busy period. At these events, they showcase high quality, plastic-free goods that allow us to purchase with zero-waste which naturally makes us feel great! No single use plastic or any of the other things that can hurt the turtles, what better gift than that to yourself and someone else? 

So what about you? 

Have you been inspired to be more Eco-friendly this Christmas season? Are you gonna take the pledge and choose refurbished? If so comment below or continue the conversation on our social channels

Elyse & Connor

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Beating Debt | New Years Resolution

I see all of those money bloggers who discuss beating their debt and the tactics that they take to curb the spending and I respect them, it takes a lot to discuss money woes and debt balances yet they've done it. 

I've yet to meet a person who doesn't worry about income, money or debt and how they will manage when the shit hits the fan and that's why I am making 2020 a debt-free year for us. While I realise this realistically means that we won't literally be debt-free in 2020, we will be actively working towards that goal, owning it and paying off any dribs and drabs possible towards the debt. 

I'm excited! 

So I've made my own Excel Snowball tracker and Sinking Fund tracker and while most use the snowball trackers the correct way, I don't. I have direct debits set up for the minimum so I don't account for those. Instead, I take my Paypal balances, sent it to my account monthly, open my tracker and pay off the ''bits''. When I check my online accounts every few days, weeks or months I adjust for the Excel to reflect any added interest or direct debit payments that have come off. 

Every few days I skim our joint account. So if we have £867.09 in there, I will take either the £2.09 (rounding it up to £865) or the £7.09 (rounding it up to £860) depending on how truly broke we are. That skimmed amount is paid to one of the many accounts listed on my tracker Excel. Especially those that are rounded already, for example, balances of £300 are nice and clean, so breaking that by a few pounds makes me want to continually balance it, it's a winning OCD trait.

To begin with, we took all of the accounts that held a balance. Big and small. Adding those to the Excel was scary, especially if they were accounts that were manageable or small but they had to be added as they accumulated a balance and we were never fixing the issue if nothing was done about them. So, they were added. 

We then agreed that even the smallest amount was better than doing nothing or putting it off until the next month, I mean even £1 - every pound chipping away counts? right? 

Next, we agreed that we should check every few days, setting up a tracker was no use if nothing was being tracked or tackled. So I tend to open our Excel and set about logging into each account online to check the balances don't need adjusting. If I can I pay small amounts and update the tracker. Sometimes it's literally been £1 or on one occasion I paid 56p to a credit card. Crazy, but it all helps. 
Here's what we're working with, I've changed the headers for privacy but you would add your own headers to suit what balances you have. I've added notes for login details and account details etc: 

 Loans - £2,772.68
 Credit Cards - £7,006.93
 Store Cards - £1,236.72
 Total: £11,016.33

Absolutely shocking! 

Can you see why it's so necessary to add up all of the accounts, our balance is high but the total is made from seven-plus accounts, some with small balances. If you have so many small accounts it's easy to lose track and to think it's OK because they are small and manageable but what you pay out is accumulative. So, some may add more accounts until eventually there's not enough income to pay what's necessary. 

Who is with me? Who wants to make 2020 a debt crunching year? The first step is to embrace what debt you owe, we can do this together. 

Elyse & Connor

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Things Brits Wouldn't Do in a Horror Film

I love Halloween and one of my favourite things to do over the Halloween season (yes, there is a Halloween season and it’s called October…) Is make a Halloween playlists, tell scary stories and watch scary films and spooky tv programs. It just helps me get excited about the seasons changing and of course, Halloween - I have been known to throw a party or two or five...Halloween kinda lasts a week for me. 

As I watch so many scary films, I have pretty much become an expert in Scary movie tropes. For example...

Never split up the group especially after discovering a dead body. 
♥ Never say you will be “right back” - That’s like making yourself a walking target!
♥ Never, ever lose your virginity
♥ Don’t and I can’t stress this enough, buy the cheap house where the family was murdered decades ago. It’s ain’t gonna pay back dividends. 

You get what I mean...

Which is why I was so excited when I saw these survey results. Turns out the majority of us Brits have been watching and learning from horror films and have pretty much prepared a survival plan.


Run into the woods and not stay on the road 32 percent
Run and hide somewhere you’ll be trapped 32 percent
Get split from the group after someone has been murdered 31 percent
Not look behind you 31 percent
Trip and don’t get up immediately 31 percent
Run out of petrol on a deserted highway 31 percent
Make a noise near the zombie 30 percent
Drop the car keys 28 percent
Not having my phone on silent 27 percent
Fail to charge your phone 26 percent
Get in a cupboard or wardrobe 25 percent
Not have a charged phone 25 percent
Don’t call the police 24 percent
Investigate a bump in the night 23 percent

The survey was performed by giffgaff - who blooming love Halloween, they have even got a snazzy little Halloween Hub on their site, complete with a retro Halloween costume generator. Turns out when I was born, everyone was dressed as Ghostbusters - am I showing my age here? Hours of Halloween fun, right there.

Despite our confidence when it comes to surviving terrifying scenarios, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of us Brits admit to getting really scared by horror movies, and one in five (20 percent) said they point blank refuse to watch them because they find them so frightening. Yikes! 

Yet more than a fifth (21 percent) said there is something very pleasant about being scared out of your wits by a scary movie, although a quarter said they don’t make horror films like they used to...which I wouldn’t disagree with. I mean, is actual reality become scarier than films these days? 


When quizzed on the role they would want to play in a horror film, 80 percent of the 1500 Brits polled would like to be the hero, while a more contrary 20 percent would love to play the villain - to be fair I do rather like the horror movie villains more in some films and they have more fun, right?

Zombies, mummies and crazed family members were said to be the easiest people to defeat in horror movies - which makes sense as they tend to be slower moving, but it really does depend on the film and if they are also part of a ravenous horde.

When it comes to surviving zombie attacks, 15 per cent of us would head for a river or the sea to try and find a boat to escape the hordes of flesh-eating zombies, while one in ten favours high ground, planning to climb to the top of a tall building and make camp.

So what about you, do you have an escape route planned should any horror story scenario take place? Do you agree with the results? Let us know below or continue the conversation on our social channels.

Elyse & Connor

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