Happy Monday everyone! 

As a somewhat introductory post, I wanted to firstly say 'Hello' to everyone who is reading this and welcome to our new blog. 

What you'll note quickly is that the layout and the articles are somewhat similar to Sweet Elyse Blog. Sweet Elyse was a blog I started back in 2009 after having my third son. Blogging especially at that time was a way of escape, of socialising and helping others where possible. It was an incredibly raw time especially for me because not only did I have three sons (ages three, two and newborn) I was battling a multitude of health issues that were snowballing. 

Fast forward many years and I finally have a diagnosis for what was happening back then, at the time I was incredibly worried and depressed because the NHS kept adding new diagnosis onto my multitude of symptoms, I had no i
dea how to fix it or why I'd gone from being reasonably healthy to not. Living with daily fatigue, pain, and feeling like an absolute failure hit me hard and that's when blogging came into my life - and it helped. You all helped. 

Now ten years later I am not an independent blogger, Connor joined my blog back in 2016 and it became clear that 'Sweet Elyse' didn't apply to a duo-bloggers. At that point also both of our lives had equally changed so much and we became aware that sharing so much personal information could be used to our detriment or twisted into something that may lead to bullying. So what to call ourselves? To keep it simple we went with Elyse and Connor (Fact, these are our middle names). 

Going forward, we're hoping to bring you a range of appropriate articles based on things we love and hate, hopefully, over time this will adapt and we will find our niche but at the moment we just love writing about topics we love, know about, and, think you will enjoy also. 

Since 2016 we've gotten to a place of comfort once again discussing taboo subjects, we no longer worry about others twisting our words, especially if those words were initially published to help others. So expect more articles about real topics, viewpoints, and debates. We'll be sharing more about other innovative bloggers who inspire us to grow and be better, bloggers such as The Bloglancer, Create Joy Everyday and La Blog Beaute who all discuss business in the most sensible way. 

And, that brings us full circle to a new blog, with new topics and a new outlook. We hope you will join us on this new journey as we head into 2020 and onwards. 

Elyse & Connor

Statement: Nothing to Disclose

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