Things Brits Wouldn't Do in a Horror Film

I love Halloween and one of my favourite things to do over the Halloween season (yes, there is a Halloween season and it’s called October…) Is make a Halloween playlists, tell scary stories and watch scary films and spooky tv programs. It just helps me get excited about the seasons changing and of course, Halloween - I have been known to throw a party or two or five...Halloween kinda lasts a week for me. 

As I watch so many scary films, I have pretty much become an expert in Scary movie tropes. For example...

Never split up the group especially after discovering a dead body. 
♥ Never say you will be “right back” - That’s like making yourself a walking target!
♥ Never, ever lose your virginity
♥ Don’t and I can’t stress this enough, buy the cheap house where the family was murdered decades ago. It’s ain’t gonna pay back dividends. 

You get what I mean...

Which is why I was so excited when I saw these survey results. Turns out the majority of us Brits have been watching and learning from horror films and have pretty much prepared a survival plan.


Run into the woods and not stay on the road 32 percent
Run and hide somewhere you’ll be trapped 32 percent
Get split from the group after someone has been murdered 31 percent
Not look behind you 31 percent
Trip and don’t get up immediately 31 percent
Run out of petrol on a deserted highway 31 percent
Make a noise near the zombie 30 percent
Drop the car keys 28 percent
Not having my phone on silent 27 percent
Fail to charge your phone 26 percent
Get in a cupboard or wardrobe 25 percent
Not have a charged phone 25 percent
Don’t call the police 24 percent
Investigate a bump in the night 23 percent

The survey was performed by giffgaff - who blooming love Halloween, they have even got a snazzy little Halloween Hub on their site, complete with a retro Halloween costume generator. Turns out when I was born, everyone was dressed as Ghostbusters - am I showing my age here? Hours of Halloween fun, right there.

Despite our confidence when it comes to surviving terrifying scenarios, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of us Brits admit to getting really scared by horror movies, and one in five (20 percent) said they point blank refuse to watch them because they find them so frightening. Yikes! 

Yet more than a fifth (21 percent) said there is something very pleasant about being scared out of your wits by a scary movie, although a quarter said they don’t make horror films like they used to...which I wouldn’t disagree with. I mean, is actual reality become scarier than films these days? 


When quizzed on the role they would want to play in a horror film, 80 percent of the 1500 Brits polled would like to be the hero, while a more contrary 20 percent would love to play the villain - to be fair I do rather like the horror movie villains more in some films and they have more fun, right?

Zombies, mummies and crazed family members were said to be the easiest people to defeat in horror movies - which makes sense as they tend to be slower moving, but it really does depend on the film and if they are also part of a ravenous horde.

When it comes to surviving zombie attacks, 15 per cent of us would head for a river or the sea to try and find a boat to escape the hordes of flesh-eating zombies, while one in ten favours high ground, planning to climb to the top of a tall building and make camp.

So what about you, do you have an escape route planned should any horror story scenario take place? Do you agree with the results? Let us know below or continue the conversation on our social channels.

Elyse & Connor

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