Survey Sites | Which Ones Are Worth It?

Doing surveys sucks, it really does, I won't even lie about it and tell you it's a quick way to make an extra pound because it's absolutely not. 

Doing surveys is good if you stick at it and monitor your points/credits etc because so many people start doing it, then get fed-up and either ignore the emails or just forget about the account leaving the company to benefit as you've put in the ''free'' work and never cashed out. 

There are a bazillion bloggers out there who have promoted ways to make money at home, and, to sign up here there and everywhere. Well, that won't be me. There is nothing worse than signing up for a survey site and finding it slow or the cashout balance is unachievable. or you start a survey, get halfway through and get chucked out because 'you don't fit the profile' yeah, ok then survey site people!! 

Anyway, that's why I decided to start this challenge. To weed out the genuine versus the unachievable so that you also know which you should at least try out. After all, we're all just struggling to try to make ends meet. This might help in the long run (or maybe I'm being too optimistic). 

Start Date: 13th December 2019

 Inbox Pounds 
 Toluna Influencers 
 Opinion Hive 
 Yuno Surveys 
 Pinecone Research 
 Market Agent 
 Green Panthera 

 Quidco | Not a survey site but I'll be using this where possible for our normal online. shopping

 Savvy Connect | I have installed this. I believe they send you £5 every month that you keep it active on your computers/phones etc. 

So, I plan to tackle the above accounts. I promise that every single email they send me I will attempt to complete and in four weeks' time will report back on how much I have actually made, any pitfalls and issues I've had so that you can see what's genuinely worth wasting your precious time on. 

Pinterest suitable - to bookmark

I have to say I'm absolutely not looking forward to it, but I also don't want to feel the same level of stress this time next year, as I do right now. Not with the vote results also *groan* however, I will take one for the team and just get on with it. 

Elyse & Connor

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Sustainabilty and Me

I am not going to lie, I blooming love shopping as much as the next person but you would have to be completely cut off from the world before you realise the impact that our consumerist habits have on the world. So this year I am going to do something different. My Christmas gift is not just going to be to my loved ones but also to the planet. I was inspired by From Fiona and her change into becoming more sustainable as well as so many other positive bloggers. 

Scrapping the Gift Wrap

I have been really inspired by campaigns such as Cut The Wrap, which is encouraging people to ditch the wrapping and look for alternatives. 

This makes so much sense when you consider that this year alone us Brits will use (and most likely not recycle) over 72,312,300 roll of wrapping paper...that is a lot of forests being cut down for just one use on one day - well not me!

Using items such as old gift bags we previously been given or using old scarves and items of clothing can be just as beautiful when wrapping a well thought out gift under the tree.

Unwrapping Refurbished 

Let’s be honest, do I really need to fork out for tech which is brand new when I can just buy something refurbished which is completely tested to make sure it works just as well? Apple sell refurbished products which when I think about it, says everything I need to know. Especially when they release a phone every year - how much progress can be made in 12 Months? 

I’ve also been inspired by campaigns such as giffgaff’s take the pledge which is encouraging people to choose to purchase refurbish this black Friday and for the rest of the year...don’t mind if I do. If you want to take it further why investigate sustainable fashion on sites and purchase second hand on sites just as eBay and the more high end vestiaire collective or rebelle

Zero Waste 

Companies such as Zero waste goods are hosting markets across the UK that feature ethical options for this busy period. At these events, they showcase high quality, plastic-free goods that allow us to purchase with zero-waste which naturally makes us feel great! No single use plastic or any of the other things that can hurt the turtles, what better gift than that to yourself and someone else? 

So what about you? 

Have you been inspired to be more Eco-friendly this Christmas season? Are you gonna take the pledge and choose refurbished? If so comment below or continue the conversation on our social channels

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