Survey Challenge | #2 Update

Happy 2020! 

I started the survey challenge on the 13th of December vowing to give it my all. I've been cashing out where possible from the below sites and adding to a separate Amazon account hoping to build these up for Christmas 2020 (mental I know). 

Start Date: 13th December 2019

 MOBROG | current £1.80 - you can cash out at £4 via Paypal. 

Very limited surveys but they do hit your inbox but time out if you don't complete them within a few days. The surveys are boring, or what I have found at least. 

 Inbox Pounds | current £3.57 - you can cash out at £20. 

You have the option of completing surveys which are absolutely plentiful as well as clicking the inbox pound emails. Even if you do no surveys one day you can still gain around 1p per email click so it's not too bad, it all counts. I do recommend this site. 

 Toluna Influencers | Current: 37,285 - you need 107,000 for a £20 Amazon voucher. 

I hate this site. Some surveys promise 12,300 points, some more, some less but what I've found is that you start the surveys, get to the last question (because they will literally state ''finally, what is your mood when watching this video'' for example, you'll complete it and it will chuck you out as 'not fitting the profile' what damned profile Toluna, this is a simple click a face question! This has happened for most of the surveys, I'm so frustrated. You also get some points for answering questions and polls on the site. 

 SwagBucks | I have cashed out 2 x £5 Amazon vouchers (700SB each). I currently still have 75SB. 

I like this site as you have a multitude of ways to earn 'SB' although I am personally having issues with my off-site purchases tracking and earning me SB even though I activate via the Chrome extension. I've now decided to not do that as I'm missing out on Quidco cashback by opting for Swagbucks. You can do polls, surveys, shop, watch videos and enter the codes into the Chrome extension each day to earn additional SB. 

 Opinion Hive | current 570 points - 5000 needed to cashout 

Surveys are limited but I've yet to be timed out of them. The surveys themselves are quick, easy to do and don't cause stress. I'll keep sticking with this one. 

 Yuno Surveys | current 144 points - 500 points needed for £5 Amazon voucher. 

Meh, this is OK. Cashout is low but the surveys can be tedious from time to time. Typically surveys are awarded points in 40's (so 40, 80 or 120 as an example). I've never completed any of the larger 120 points as I get timed out but that may not be the case for everyone. 

 Pinecone Research | current 0 points - 900 points needed for £5 Amazon voucher. 

Each survey that you complete awards you with 300 points. I've yet to be timed out and the surveys are generally interesting and enjoyable to complete. I've cashed out twice since starting with Pinecone. Fully recommend joining. 

 Prolific | current £0.45 - You can cash out at £5 via Paypal.

These are surveys for actual studies, you need to reserve your place and if it's a survey that comes in with multiple parts, you need to remind yourself to go back to complete the second part. 

 Market Agent | current 140 points - This equates to around £1.20 via Paypal. 

Surveys are few and far between and award around 20 points and you get 100 points for joining and completing the new start surveys. You can cash out pretty much as soon as you make around 100 points. It's worth keeping hold of this one as you don't get timed out nearly as much as many of the competitors. 

 Green Panthera | current $5.47 - You can cash out via Paypal. 

Honestly, I get timed out so much. Points don't register until 24 hours later and the surveys can be long and boring. However, there are loads sent daily so if you're a glutton for punishment this could definitely be a positive survey site. The payout is low and via Paypal so even a small balance is worth doing. 

 Quidco | current £0 - you can opt for vouchers or payment via BACS or Paypal. 

Cashback site, that in all honesty, I use but I'm having issues where none of my purchases track. This happened on Swagbucks also. 

 Savvy Connect | I have installed this. I believe they send you £5 every month that you keep it active on your computers/phones etc. 

Overall it's definitely been a benefit doing these, it takes time for sure and there are some I absolutely hate (Toluna) however, I'll keep at it for one more month and relay back. Then I'll look into trying another set and seeing which is preferred. 

I opened a new Amazon so I could save my vouchers for Christmas without fear of using them. The balance in December started at £0, the balance now is ''only'' what I've cashed out from the sites above. Total Amazon vouchers for the first month: £92

Are there any survey sites that you love or hate? 

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Elyse & Connor

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