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This is deep guys. You have been warned. So, I'm mum to two teenagers and one nearly pre-teen. Well a few years anyway for the baby but he's still veering a tad to close to being a pre-teen for my liking. However, I digress.

My eldest dude is strong-willed, is neither fussed up or down about most things with F1 and cars being the only real exception. He's never been one to fuss or moan and is pretty resilient to life in general - he's awesome. All three of my boys are to be fair and all so strangely different. However, big C had been gently highlighting my flaws at not taking my reusable bags with me when I went out. Then it was a Costa reusable cup. Then picking pens for school that could be filled with reusable ink rather than throw away pens. Then it was 'mum do you really need to buy that item' and he went full out to declutter mode too which as his mum I clearly noticed all of these little things. 

He was definitely taking on a plastic-free, buy less, reuse where possible, eco-friendly and refillable mentality. And, I realised these things were important to him. While he's the strong silent type he clearly cares about the earth, the plant and the future to what degree I will never know because he's the strong silent type, did I mention that? ha-ha. 
But, it's my job to nurture not force. It would be an unwise mother that forced her child to do as she says. That's not me. I considered how I could implement things into our lives and in our house that would make him feel that his beliefs were worthy and being actioned. After all, this house is not just hairy boy and I's house. This is a home that's created from all of us living here, varied and unique hopefully and so, I asked big C to consider what we could do so he knew his ideas were valued. 

We made a few changes, I'll cover those separately but one of the changes was laundry. After all, we use so much washing product and it comes housed in excessive plastic. It costs us around £21 for a month and a half. Which is really bloody expensive. I had consistently seen the add for 'Smol' you know, the one where they offer you '9 washes for £1' and being dubious and distrustful (I'm working on it, y'all) I automatically thought it was a hyped gimmick or that you'd sign up and it would be terrible, or the company would take loads of money from your account and be an utter nightmare to cancel. Much like many other companies out there. 

So I researched. And I researched more, I also found inspiration in From Fiona's post about why she's also becoming more sustainable. The feedback that I was seeing was all positive with normal people asking them to make more products like fabric conditioners etc. This was a positive for me as people don't take the time to request more products let alone comment on a less than favourable company. 

I clicked through. 

Figured once I got to check out there would be a catch or the pricing would be ridiculous. Initially, it asks how many washes you do a week, which type of product you'd prefer and if you're a one capsule or a two capsule kinda gal or gent. I filled it all in and it told me that my 1.5-month capsule subscription would cost, wait for it... 


Yup, £3.85. That's a huge £17.15 saving every month and a half. It sounded too good to be true and I was sure that when my nine wash sample order came that it would be ridiculously bad or not smell as fresh as everyone was commenting. 

Again I was wrong. 

I told big C about the change to Smol and he smiled and said it was good (that's a huge mama win!) and you know, it actually felt really good. These were being delivered every 56 days and I didn't have to worry about running out. They cost us a heck ton less and especially during isolation, I'll take all of the savings I can get. 

Your pack will contain as many of the above capsules to last you for the 56 days. I chose the blue non-bio option so my sons' skin doesn't become affected. Middle C has dry skin and typically we opt for non-bio. There is also a green bio option if you'd prefer. The difference between the both is that the bio contains additional enzymes that break down stains, but in all honesty, I've found the blue does just as good as job as it's major competitor counterparts at washing away stains. 

Also, the sample pack you see above came in 60g of recyclable plastic. But, they have now gone 100% plastic-free so my latest order doesn't have any plastic and that also felt great because the little man will use the cardboard in his many creations and as a family, we're helping to do our part, one small change at a time. 

All because of a teenager.

What I will say is absolutely try out the trial pack. I would be surprised if you cancel your subscription. Wash wise the clothes come out gleaming, stains and dirty marks are all gone and if you have a particularly tough load you can soak them in a melted capsule as a pre-wash and then wash again after. 

The younger generation are pretty fantastic, aren't they? I really don't think they get the applause that they deserve. Either way, consider changing up your lifestyle in some small way and I can bet you will be surprised at how easy the change slotted into your life. 

Elyse & Connor

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