Moving House | How To Deal With Internet Down Time

When you are someone who spends a lot of time on the internet browsing, playing games and working from home the prospect of living without the internet becomes a scary reality. 

But what can you do so as to stop any necessary downtime?  

Make sure you contact your ISP beforehand

Whether you want to cancel or transfer your current package to your new home, then you should contact the Internet Service Provider two weeks before you need it installed so as to ensure smooth transitioning. Hopefully, you will not have to deal with any blunders and the internet gets installed on the date they give you. Personally, I've never had any issue with my provider (Sky) and disruption was minimal. 

Plan a temporary method for internet access

The reality is that you will be without the internet for a couple of weeks, so before your internet goes down you should look for a way to get your fix! things like the following are good ways to get yourself through this hard time:

 Go to a local library - This is a good way to get free internet and if you get sick of Googling you can always pick up a book, or not. Just be sure you behave yourself here, as laughing at some of the crazy things posted in the comment section of the Daily Mail website is a sure way to get you chucked out. 

 Make friends with your new neighbours - Chances are your neighbours are stand up folk, and if they are sympathetic to your plight then they may even invite you to share their Wifi if they aren't then you can scratch them off of the Christmas card list.

• Get your self a Pay as you go mobile wifi (MiFi) - Not ideal for marathoning your favourite show on Netflix or binge-watching cat videos on Youtube, but for basic browsing, light social media and composing emails these are a godsend. They come either wired or battery power but both of them do the same thing. Some come preloaded with a data sim of varying sizes and others require you to purchase them separately. Keep an eye on your data usage and you will be able to tide yourself over without forking out too much. 

I have the Huawei one from the picture below. It was £29.90 and loaded with an EE 2gb data sim which cost £7.63, both of them were found on Amazon. 

 Move back in with Mum and Dad for the duration - Maybe not...

So do not fret when you are going to move home and have to do without a stable connection, there are options and if you do a bit of hunting beforehand with proper planning, you will not do without!

Disclaimer: The MiFi device was purchased by me during a period of great desperation.

Elyse & Connor

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Baby Names | 15 Classic Names

Just like fashion, everything comes full circle and that includes babies names. We've gone through a classic phase, a crazy-zany made up phase and over the last ten years, it's clear to see that things started to settle down with the likes of - Charlotte, Emily, Megan and Ava.

Some people like to think outside of the box when naming their baby and that's OK. Some like to give their babies more classic names because they feel that a good solid name (that's well known) will give their baby a better start, and again, that's OK.

Each to their own. I personally like 'known' names but ones that have maybe fallen to the wayside or are not within the top twenty to fifty popular names for that year. But, then again I also love the sound of words, so sometimes I find myself drifting towards the more earthy and bohemian names types - it's a tough one trying to find names that fit between social rules and individualism isn't it?

So, if you're more of a classic name person hopefully these fifteen names inspire your next choice.

Emily | Hard working.
 Cora | Maiden.
 Florence | Blossoming.
 Phoebe | The shining one.
 Hope | Hope.
 Genevieve | Tribe woman.
 Felicity | Luck and good fortune.
 Rose | Flower.
 Matilda | Strength in battle.
 Maude | Strong in war.
 Eloise | Famous in war.
 Olive | Olive.
 Prudence | Good judgement.
 Viola | Flower.
 Opal |  Jewel.

And not forgetting about the boys, here are some cute but classic options too.

 Orson | Little bear.
 Oscar | Divine Spear.
 Caleb | Faith, devotion and wholehearted 
 Thomas | Twin
 Joshua | A saviour.
 Jared | Rose.
 Seth | Replacement.
 Enoch | Dedicated.
 Adam | The ground or earth.
 Edward | Guardian.
 Theodore | God-given.
 Silas | Three or 'third'.
 Oliver | Affectionate.
 Alexander | Defender of man.
 Harry | Home leader

Have you chosen any of these names for your little ones or are any of these names being added to your 'possibility' list?

Elyse & Connor

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