Fun lock down activities for you and the family

Lockdown life is sure a Corona-coaster of emotions. We are all feeling for want of a better word, weird. These are unusual times and it can be hard not to dwell and get anxious. Therefore, to fill time and to keep my mind occupied I have taken up a few activities which allow me to not dwell too much on the current situation and below is some inspiration from the projects I’ve tried.

Making videos

We’ve all spent hours in a YouTube whirlpool and no doubt you’ve also joined me in thinking of a topic that you’d like to make a video about. Well, now is the perfect time to experiment with making your own videos. Free software such as YouTube’s editor and phone editing tools such as iMovie and adobe, there are few barriers to stopping you from learning the basics online now and it’s simpler than you think! 

If you’re not ready to create a full Youtube video yet there are platforms such a TikTok which provide great opportunities to get creative. With trends beginning and taking hold of users' imaginations appearing on feeds worldwide every day, there is always something to inspire you that can create as a family - or just on your own if you're looking for a solo project. 

Learn basic code 

I’ve wanted to code for a long time but never found the right project to dedicate the time too which is why I was delighted when I found the giffgaff academy. I’ve found the how to make a game of tic tac toe from code very useful at distracting my brain from negative thoughts and I handed it over to my sister and she felt the same and said it was a great project with her children as well. Get in! 

If you want to invest your time into something bigger, codecademy and w3schools are epic places to begin starting out with digital language skills such as coding and HTML. 

Embroidery and craft

Needlework is a great project to do solo and as a group or with children. There are lots of projects to choose from such as Cross Stitch, for example, is a great starter craft and you can find lots of templates and inspiration for projects online on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. 

Another great craft project can be to reuse old clothes into something new. This can be as simple and funny as making a monster from old items of clothing - great if you are working with younger children!

So, we hope that we have managed to inspire you to try something new! Make sure to share your work in the comments section below or on our social media. 

Elyse & Connor

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