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I’m a firm believer of trying different methods to achieve a goal and while it's hard to stay positive about everything 100% of the time (and practically impossible) I don’t think there is any harm in trying something that could improve your wellbeing and overall mental health. 

As the digital world gets a pretty bad rap for being a tool to use to promote strong mental health, I believe it’s all about the way we utilise it. So I have written some suggestions on how we can enhance our connections during the second lockdown.

What’s hot vs. What’s not

Now, although we are practically spoilt for choice when it comes to the number of video apps out there to facilitate our social proximity fantasies, from google hangout to WhatsApp video call, and newcomer House Party which has basically managed to break the internet with a record-breaking 2 million downloads seen in just one week! Confirmed in an article by the Financial Times. But how do you discern what apps are reliable and which ones are convenient for both work and play? Well here is a shortlist of my top video call apps which are suitable for everyone! 

Ready your webcam…

Social distancing, so make it virtual

An app which was first popularised in the business sphere has exploded into one of the most used video-conferencing platforms in the COVID-19 is Zoom

What makes it soo popular is that it holds more than 50+ people in a room at one time making it perfect for pub quizzes or a catch up with mates and extended family while cooped up indoors. Zoom allows you to work and play on the same app - it really doesn’t get any better than that.

Which leads me on to the most socially popular app right now - House Party. Now, whilst I wouldn’t recommend having your morning work meeting via the app it definitely provides those spontaneous and random interactions that you would expect at an impromptu Saturday night house party. Recently, however, they have faced some competition with a new social media app on the block Clubhouse. 

Twitter’s new audio spaces will allow people to gather for live conversations with another person or a group of people. Now if all this talk of newly updated apps is far too fussy for you, you can always rely on the trusty Facetime/Whatsapp video for the more intimate conversations, acting as an advisor to friends and family. It’s nothing new that we rely heavily on digital means of communication now more than ever as we grasp at any remnant of normal life. 

As all these apps are available on both iPhone & Android you might be feeling that your phone cant currently facilitate a 20 min girl chat or discussion about your favourite series take some time away from your phone. 

You may have to giffgaff’s Check your draws in case you lose track of where you put it and stumble across some old phones you totally forgot that you had! 

So what about you, have you taken up video calling more or have you managed to avoid facetime and stuck to more traditional methods? Let us know below or continue the conversation on our social channels 

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