I've run this blog and Sweet Elyse Blog now for many years. Initially relying on Bloglovin to keep you all updated. With the rise of professional bloggers, social methods such as Bloglovin no longer seem to be personalised or viable so I am offering you the chance to subscribe directly - like a little one-on-one in your inbox. 

I fully adhere to privacy policies and GDPR. No details will ever be sold or passed on and you have full control so can unsubscribe at any point. So let's do this! 

What should you expect? 

This is new for me so it means a lot that you have gone to the trouble to sub to this little blog. In gratitude I hope to send monthly updates, subscriber-only offers and information on what's going on that may not be directly on the blog. I am so willing to hear what you would like to see hit your inbox though so feel free to email me at any point with suggestions. 

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